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500LPH RO Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Machine

500LPH reverse osmosis system price RO drinking water treatment plant purification machine.

1. Capacity: 500L (0.5m³)/H (25℃)
2. General Power Consumption: 3kw
3. Working Voltage: 380V/50Hz (Can be customized)
4. Booster pump: BLC70/075 type, 0.75kw, 1set
5. FRP Quartz sand filter: Ф300X1370mm, 1 set, Quartz sand 100kgs
6. FRP Activated carbon filter: Ф300X1370mm, 1 set, Activated carbon 50kgs
7. FRP Water Softener: Ф300X1370mm, 1 set, cation 50L
8. Precise filter: Ф195×500mm, 1 set, stainless steel 304
9. Multistage pump: CDL2-180 type, 2.2KW
10. RO membranes: 4040 type, 3pcs

Model Number: TS-RO-500L/H

Min. order : 1 unit

For more detailed information including pricing, customization, and shipping:
Contact supplier at or call +86 18823088993

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