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New Baojun Valli Car Deals and Loans

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It is learned from the official that Xinbaojun Valli (Yangwang) will officially open car deals and loans booking on March 24. At the same time, the official also brought the "24 Cheng Yuanfang Memory" tide reform plan, which aims to bring personalized trends to users. Play modification and continue to build Chinese RV culture. At the same time as the pre-sale date was released, the official also released the first recreational and trendy modified car-"Seeker".

The first trendy new Baojun Valli (aspiring) "seeker" car deals and loans, with dual appearance and function, fully meets the needs of urban personalized cars and hard-core vacation scenes. In terms of appearance, the "seeker" uses trendy camouflage elements, matched with the three-dimensional body lines of the new Baojun Valli (Yearing), and the overall shape has unlimited tension. The body is painted in cyberpunk style metal, full of postmodernism.

In this modification, the hidden space of the large flat roof is fully utilized, and the roof rack is equipped with the same color camouflage suitcase, which not only maintains the aesthetics, but also expands more storage space. At the same time, the luggage rack can also be loaded with outdoor equipment such as skis, adding more play and fun to the journey. The cockpit space continues the advantages of the new Baojun Valli (aspirational) "large flat" SUV-the rear row can be laid down flat, and you can instantly have a beautiful room in the wild.

Pre-sale on the 24th. Do you like the modified new Baojun Valli car deals and loans?
Valli is customized by Xinbaojun for Chinese tourism culture. It has an elegant and agile appearance. The side of the body adopts a straight and tension waistline, which runs through the front and back, making the body stretch and slender, stretching the visual experience. At the same time, the slender daytime running lights are connected to the air intake grille. When the daytime running lights are on, the stylish and sharp lighting makes the visual effect stunning.

The new car will be available in 5 car colors: Suhangqing, Xuexiang White, Wuyuan Yellow, Erhai Blue and Ancient City Grey, combined with famous domestic scenic spots, expressing a beautiful yearning for a colorful and long-distance life.

The new car uses 20-inch custom forged wheels, and the popular multi-spoke design presents a sense of simplicity, elegance and sophistication. In addition, a black luggage rack is installed on the roof of the new car, which can secure bicycles, tents, and transport luggage. The luggage on the luggage rack takes into account both fashion and practicality, effectively expanding the storage space of the vehicle, and meeting the travel needs of carrying more self-driving equipment and luggage.

In addition, the roof trunk also "hidden mystery". After opening, it "changes" the outdoor tent in seconds. It satisfies the needs of camping enthusiasts and is also suitable for multi-scene leisure life.

The length and width of the large flat roof of the new Baojun Valli are 1900mm*1100mm, and the area reaches 2.09㎡. After the roof is equipped with a luggage rack, luggage can be loaded, creating a mobile roof space, and it can also carry bicycles and tents. With the full use of the “hidden” flat layer on the roof, more space can be made in the car, and the expandability of the car can be doubled in an instant.

The new Baojun Valli adopts the design that the rear row can be directly folded and folded flat. The second row and the trunk after being folded down are flat, bringing users a flat space of 1800mm*1200mm*750mm to experience car deals and loans, and the rear row is folded flat. The volume reaches 1620L, and the rear seat layout of four or six open also supports to be reclined separately. In terms of power, the official has not yet announced it, but it is speculated that the 1.5L and 1.5T engines of the same type as the RC-5 will be used.

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