Failure points to be aware of when living with a love doll

A “stripped penis” is something that men can be proud of, but a “skinned penis” that bleeds is a bit pathetic, so I would like to be careful.


Before buying a love doll, many men must be excited and dreaming of the exciting life that they will have in the future.

However, when you actually buy it and start living together, you may find yourself struggling with unexpected parts and feeling sad, thinking, "Oh, it shouldn't be like this...".

Especially if you are a man who is used to handling love dolls, it is possible for a beginner to carelessly make a mistake in handling a love doll and injure not only the owner but also the love doll.

If that happens, your love doll life could be ruined at once.

In order to make life fun while flirting with a love doll every day, here are some mistakes that people tend to make when living with a love doll.

Love dolls are surprisingly heavy and hard to hold! If you are not used to it, you may fail to handle it and cause an unexpected injury!

The biggest feature and advantage of love dolls is that they are as close as possible to real women.

Because it looks like a real woman, men can enjoy the feeling of having sex with the ideal woman.

However, the reason why it can not be said that it is only merit is because it becomes quite heavy in order to get closer to a real woman.

Of course, having said that, love dolls are certainly lighter than real women. A small 130 cm love doll weighs about 20 kg, and a large 160 cm doll weighs about 40 to 45 kg.

When you write it like this, you may think, "Isn't it so heavy?" But think about it. Even a small love doll has 10 2-liter plastic bottles, and a large one has more than 20 bottles.

It cannot be said that love dolls are very easy to hold due to their shape. When you hug a human, the person being hugged puts a lot of effort into supporting your body and adopts a posture that allows you to maintain your balance, so it's relatively easy to hold. I will not support you with it.

158cm B Cup Realistic TPE Doll Cute Sweet Asian Girl

Therefore, the long and slender body of a realistic sex doll makes it difficult to balance when carrying it, and you may accidentally slip your hand and drop it.

At that time, there is a possibility of injury by "inadvertently dropping the love doll on your feet".

Even if it doesn't go as far as breaking a bone, internal bleeding and bruising can be painful. In particular, if the metal bolts attached to the soles of the feet for independence hit directly, it may lead to unexpected serious injury, so be careful.

Also, trying to lift a love doll and getting a "strained back" is also "some failures of love dolls." Especially when you're engrossed in having sex with a sex doll, and you're trying to change your posture and try to lift the sex doll in a strange position, it's a time when you're likely to hurt your back because you're not careful.

In addition, there is a point that people who are new to love dolls, especially those who have purchased a “detachable type” that uses a separately sold masturbator inserted into a love doll, must be careful.

That is, you have to make sure that the masturbator is firmly inserted into the love doll before you have sex. If you neglect to check it, the masturbator may shift from the correct position and you may end up rubbing your penis with the doll's masturbator insertion hole instead of the soft masturbator.

If you use a lot of slimy lotion, it may be okay, but if you accidentally swing your hips too hard, your penis will not be able to withstand the rubbing on the hard part, and the skin will peel off and bleed.

When you're desperately doing a piston movement, you don't notice the pain unexpectedly.

A “stripped penis” is something that men can be proud of, but a “skinned penis” that bleeds is a bit pathetic, so I would like to be careful.

It is difficult to heal when a love doll is injured! Beware of mistakes that can ruin the love doll you bought

If you try to carry a love doll and drop it, it's not just the owner who may get hurt.

For example, if you drop a love doll on a hard floor, the impact will dent the place where you hit it. Love dolls are made of flexible materials such as silicone and TPE, so they are highly resistant to impact and are likely to return to their original state even if they are dented, but in some cases they may not return to their original state after being dented.

If the dent is somewhere on the body, it can be covered with clothes, but if the face is dented in a strange shape, it will be difficult to hide it, which can be frustrating.

Also, when you drop it, the "internal skeleton" inside the doll's body may break. When trying to carry a doll, there are often injuries such as “I hit the furniture and both the doll and the furniture are damaged” and “The nail of the love doll gets caught on the cloth and the nail comes off”.

If the nail is peeled off, it can be attached with adhesive, but if the internal skeleton is broken, it is impossible to repair it yourself.

Also, it is common to see a love doll lying on the bed, and when you try to move it, you accidentally step on the love doll and break it.

Furthermore, this is also the case with a “detachable” silicone love doll, but there are also failures such as “I left the masturbator inserted into the love doll and the hole for inserting the masturbator melted.”

In fact, silicone has the property of melting if it is left in contact with TPE for a long time. And of course, melted silicon cannot be restored.

Even if the body of a love doll is made of silicone, the masturbator is often made of TPE, so if you don't know this, your high-end silicone love doll will be useless.

In the first place, it is hygienic to leave the masturbator in a detachable love doll, so it is a good idea to remove the masturbator from the love doll when you are not using it.

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In many cases, love dolls are not purchased by looking at the actual product. Therefore, there are many men who purchase love dolls from online shopping sites such as "premiumsexdoll", but if you do not check the height and weight of the love doll at that time, you will receive a love doll that is difficult for you to handle. There is a possibility.

No matter how cute or erotic a love doll is, if it is difficult to carry and care for, most people will gradually stop using it.

Even if you spend a lot of money to buy a love doll, if you don't use it, it's a waste of money and a big mistake. At "premiumsexdoll", data such as height and weight are posted on the love dolls that can be purchased, so instead of choosing a love doll just by looking, check the data and buy a love doll that is easy for you to handle.

For men who are not confident in their physical strength, please consider a torso-type love doll that reproduces only a part of the body, or a real masturbator that allows you to easily masturbate!