View the Live NBA Doubleheader Game scores

What is it about watching NBA Doubleheader? Is it the way LeBron James moves or the All-Star Bam Adebayo? While it's fun and exciting to watch the NBA's greatest players, it's also fulfilling to watch NBA games.


Whether it's Monday night NBA or the daily games, it's undoubtedly going to make your day. Let's jump into the preview of the NBA game scores.


Miami Heat (0-2) at Milwaukee Bucks (2-0)

While Bam Adebayo averages 12.5 points, Jimmy Butler has 13.5 points in two playoff games. And here is the thing; if Miami wins this game, then Butler and Adebayo have to pull up their socks. Butler agreed with this premise, saying that he knows what they have to do as a team. He averaged 21.5 points in the regular season. Adebayo was second with a score of 18.7. Both Bam and Jimmy have a total point of 14.2 under their regular-season numbers.


Two times MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo averages 28.5 points, 5.5 assists, 15.5 rebounds, and 3.0 steals. Also, two-time All-Star Khris Middleton has been scoring 22.0 points per game. 


After Miami trailed 2-0 back in the 2006 NBA Finals against the Mavericks, the Heat have claimed a series win after 33 years of NBA franchising. And last year, the Heat trailed only once, losing 4-2 to the LA Lakers in the NBA finals. 


The Bucks were 26-10 at home and went for 20-16 on the road. They get to test their skills as their battle on Miami's court. But they shouldn't worry as the Heat, who went 21-15 at home, have not been dominant in this season. And this will be Heat's largest electric crowd, waiting to see who will win the NBA Doubleheader


Phoenix Suns (1-1) at Los Angeles Lakers (1-1)

After the Lakers won Game 2 on the road against the Suns, these NBA Doubleheaders will be travelling for Thursday's game to Los Angeles. And as LeBron James got a right ankle injury, the focus is now on Chris Paul, who has a balky shoulder. 


Nevertheless, LeBron finished with 23 points and buried clutch shots down the stretch. And this leads to Laker's victory in Game 2. 


Phoenix's veteran point guard seemed to struggle on Tuesday through 23 ineffective minutes as his team went to a desert loss of 109-102. As Paul finished with 6-points and 5-assists, he didn't look like the hero who was behind the Sun's getting No.2 seed in the Western Conference. 


That means Suns must pray that Paul will be in full strength for them to be victorious. Otherwise, it will be impossible to achieve that without him.


In Conclusion, there's nothing as entertaining as watching the live NBA DoubleheadersRight? Grab your bucket of popcorn and get ready to sit at the edge of your seat. And seriously, may the best team shine!