He reveals to you that he isn't the most effective god,

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Once you finish OSRS Boosting this job, you go back to Jorral and he rewards you with a healthy supply of exp across all of your skills, and your now able to enter the room and fight the toughest creatures at any time. But, just when you think the experiences over, it's not!

He reveals to you that he isn't the most effective god, and that there's yet another, but his name can't be spoken by a human, otherwise, they will die instantly. So, he is named Shadow. Guthix subsequently entrusts you with a shattered team along with a split bow, stating you need to make repairs to those weapons, if you're to conquer Shadow.

After the quest is completed, you unlock the challenge of constructing the Guthix godsword, however the drop rate of the shard and the hilt are about your odds of getting a Saradomin hilt from the Saradomin supervisor, with no wealth ring.Ask him where you are able to find a symbol and he will tell you the symbol maker is in the 2nd floor of the palace (which is below your flooring .) You'll be let out and the Mogre will direct you to the emblem maker, not allowing you to move. You may speak with the Yarg, the emblem manufacturer and he'll ask you what symbol you want. You Will Have the Ability to choose between Lannar: The Mogres of Weaponry and the Color Yellow, Lu'tog: The Mogres of Poison, Combat and the Color Red, Narran: The Mogres of Peace, Agility along with the color Blue and Yun'lar: The Mogres of both Defence along with the Color Green.

He will then make you a symbol of the area you select. Wear the symbol and you will be able to pass in your region from the palace. To identify what region you belong to, simply opt for the doorway of their color. If you are not wearing the emblem or you are wearing the emblem but you don't belong to the region, the guards will stop you. You can't un-equip your symbol while on your area. Your symbol cheap RS gold will replace whatever is in your necklace slot.