OSRS has fairly much copypastad most of their updates directly from rs3

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I mean osrs has pretty much copypastad most of their upgrades directly from RuneScape gold using a different colourscheme or decreased xp rates etc.. . Apart from that pretty much most of osrs is just bringing shit out of rs3 to osrs that players want.I got 99 agility and runecrafting as my first 99's, I can't fucking stand mining. The abilities sucks. Just sucks barely over Runecrafting though.

It's afkable in comparison with the options. Reaching the demands for your massive sack and the top level doesn't take that long . Then there's volcanic mine/blast exploration. The skill has shifted appreciably compared back with 2013. Rs3 did a wonderful job of reworking mining to make it a less intensive ability for minimal rewards.

I feel like Mining gets more slack because it has more vairety. MLM is accessible at a much lower level than Bloods, even though Bloods are a lot nicer. However, RC is mostly the exact same exact thing; abyss or normal and mix rune or not does not change a great deal. Even ZMI isn't that different. The same can be said for mining iron, granite, and stone, but other methods like MLM, Blast Mine, and Volcanic do stand out a whole lot more to provide additional options.

So I'd say that in the early match, Mining generally beats RC which is what the majority of players are probably basing it on. But late game, RC is usually better; however in the event that you are able to find a team for Volcanic I remember that being fairly decent. Mining is excellent if you train it through zalcano. Almost like mother load mine exists.

LRC was fantastic, although both Rocktails and Gold/Coal Mining was rather overpowered based on its own afkability and profit/xp speed. On the other hand, according to today's rates and methods, it would not be bad.

Gold Mining was very enjoyable. You could afk completely at particular spots and rake profits using a Bundle Yak/Lava Titan as a Summoning familiar. Or, you can superheat the ores and drop the pubs for peak efficiency. They would have to do something radically about Best OSRS Gold site the bot issue however.

Are anglerfish not the specific same as rocktails? I like how you use graceful once you don't go at all. Graceful only regens run when standing still. There's standard mining, motherlode mine, burst mine, volcanic mine (my Total favorite ) and Granite 3-ticking. I would say this really is something for everyone.