When ya gonna change Runescape to Leescape

When ya gonna change Runescape to Leescape

Part of the logic was"It's a negative impact on yew longbows etc" well, if people DID drop, if they went into their high alch cost, they'd be just as popular to alch as they would profit to, players would have a variety of options to pick from to RS gold maximize gain from a Gp or 2. The precedent. Based on the logic in the tacky state it became profitable to mention craft a dhide body, will that mean they will intervene and alter prices? Or simply take OVLDS the expense to create one has halved in recent months does that mean we can expect an update to them as they are meant to be expensive pots?

It is opening a can of worms that I believe Jagex will regret later on in the future. Ultimately, I think that it's quite unfair to people who purchased natures to spring up this change on them. I wrote this brief story to play the devil's advocate: I am sure most, if not all, know that Jagex changed the nature rune alch cost. Earlier today, Mod Teabag sat during his dawn crumpet break to chat about why that has been executed. Here is what he had to say! "Yes, to confirm, we did change the high alch worth of nature runes. This WAS NOT DUE TO BOTS. I only need to put the record straight regarding why that was completed. We can guarentee our game is 100% bot free.

Interestingly enough, it started out because of some petty payback from the other member of the team , but, as it turns out, it was a fantastic option. Last week, my fellow colleague, Mod WhatsBotting was on his way in on a nice crisp Monday morning. He likes to take public transport to do his part to help save the Earth from warming up and thus exploding in a few trillion years.

When ya gonna change Runescape to Leescape

As a result of our Jagex HQ being so close to the elementary school, all the little children are familiar with Jagex and our matches, and many of them play Runescape. While Mod WhatsBotting was passing the school, a bunch of mean kids began to shout out and taunt him with such phrases such as"HAHAHA Failgex worker! You are games so fail you can alch character runes for gain today:L" and"When ya gonna change Runescape into Leescape" Now, Mod WhatsBotting had already had a rough morning, his crumpets were chilly, he split his teaand he could not locate his Ipad, not to mentionhe forgot to buy rs gold paypal take his Zoloft. So thus he was already rather depressed so the children's words struck like an arrow and REALLY hurt him.


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