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Dibba Tour is one of the most sought after tours and travel packages to the Gulf
region. This seven-day journey takes travelers through the most prominent tourist
destinations of UAE. Dibba Tour is known as the quot;land of desertsquot; owing to the dry
climate of its deserts. The trip starts from Dubai and finishes at Sharjah.
The journey takes travelers through the Thar Desert, where there are four well
developed towns of Al Gabel, Safa and . A traditional market of handicrafts
and spices abounds at the town of Musandam. Once, in Musandam, the four major
sights of the city are: The Thalai Madinat Jumeriah Mosque, The Al Boomal Mosque
and The Shaikh Zayed mosque. Along with all these there are many desert reserves

and tourist sites in and around Musandam. There are a camel safari and a hot air
balloon ride.

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Upon reaching the Thalai Madinat Jumeriah Mosque, travelers get to see the tomb of
Emperor Shah Jahan. The tour ends at the Sharjah International Airport and the
travelers have a free choice of hotel or resort to stay. After this the tour takes
travelers to Al Boomal Mosque. Here the Shekhawati Palace and the National Museum
are also very worth viewing.