The Importance Of A Police Scanner When Evacuating

The Importance Of A Police Scanner When Evacuating

Just like your food supply, it is essential that you begin stocking up on your water supply.As you might have guessed, we recommend you prepare for a longer time line.So take the number of your family members and multiply by two and then multiply by the number of days you want to survive and that should be your goal number.Where Do I Store All This Water?When it comes to storing water, we recommend using a bit of creativity.This allows you to maximize your water storage and make sure that you have room for all the water your family needs.This includes closets, cabinets, or under your bed.These water bottles are for quick access and should be rotated.You should never store water that it is in plastic containers for long periods of time.Larger Bottles, Difficult To Carry Water SourcesThis group is comprised of large bottles of water or pallets of water.These containers can be purchased at bulk discount chains such as Costco.Buying in bulk with coupons or waiting for deals is the best way to purchase tier 2 water if you are on a budget.This amount of water is going to be large and immobile.This water tank can be stored indoors or out.Other Sources of WaterYou want to make sure that you have enough water for an extended period of time but what happens if you need to find other sources of water?Understanding where to find additional water sources and how to filter and purify water can dramatically increase your odds of survival.This skill is essential especially if you have evacuated and you can’t rely on your water supply at your safe house.Purifying, Filtering, and Treating WaterWhen finding a new water source, it is imperative that you take the proper course of action to filter and purify that water source.Drinking contaminated or toxic water could be your last move.Always proceed with extreme caution when drinking any type of water.Seeking out additional water sources should always be your last resort.With poor sanitation and a lack of fresh water, living for prolonged periods in an urban environment will not only lead to disease but also dehydration.While the human body can survive without food for weeks, only a few days without water can lead to massive problems.Ideally you should also learn how to make rain catchers that you can attach to your roof or outside your windows.Water filters can save your life especially if you are evacuating on foot and need to replenish.Be Aware of ChemicalsThe following filters and purification methods will only work on water that is chemical free.Purifying and filtering water that is contaminated with chemicals will not work.You need to be aware of the water source you are selecting and you need to make sure there is no chemical contamination.If you have any doubts about chemicals in the water or in the area, do not drink the water and move on to another source.Coffee filters are great for filtering out water before you purify it.Coffee filters will collect most of the dirt, debris, and sediment before you boil or place the water in your filter.This will extend the life of your filters and will make purifying water that much easier.Boiling the WaterBoiling your water source is the recommended method to purify your water.Boiling can kill almost 100% of all microorganisms.Unfortunately, lighting a fire or using a heat source to just boil your water is time consuming and can drain your fuel supplies.These chemical treatment packages are highly recommend due to their long shelf life and ease of use.They are also safer than other methods we are going to recommend and should be a staple in any prepper’s supply kit.The ability to filter water when your water supply is out can dramatically increase your odds for survival.What is the Filter Made ofThe filter medium, or substance that the


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