POE Guide - How to Get Headhunter

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In the latest Poe update, some powerful unique features, including the Headhunter, will be added to the "core drop pool", which means they can be dropped from any enemy. But that's still a huge increase in the number of goalkeepers that Path of Exile usually revolves around the famous belt.

Even with a 0.5% drop chance per enemy killed, billions of monsters are still killed at an astonishing rate in Path of Exile. As players progress to the end game running the map, their builds become relentless killing machines, sometimes wiping out the entire map in two to three minutes.

This change is bound to expand the number of Headhunters available on the market. Again, using only the basic economics of supply and demand, headhunting prices should drop fairly steadily throughout the alliance process. In POE, if you have a lot of POE Currency, you can get almost all valuable equipment.

Is Headhunter nerfed?

Headhunter keeps it up. However, it is now more difficult to obtain from sources other than core drop pools. Chris explicitly mentions that more Ancient Orbs are needed to get one. The Headhunter has become an iconic piece of gear in the Path of Exile community and nerfing it will upset a lot of people.

The drop rate of Divination cards is also worrying, as it stands, if you're not a top super player, swiping eight "doctor" cards is a very long process, and can include swiping enough "patient" cards to Get enough "Nurse" cards to start getting "Doctor" cards. This card hierarchy is considered a deterministic or reliable way to obtain Headhunter, and these drop rates may also be weakened.

Effectively get headhunters

Not every build is immediately stunning when you equip the Headhunter. Your build still needs the belt slot to provide survivability and the ability to clear quickly. Cyclone builds that cast CoC on critical hits is very popular with Headhunters because they never have to stop moving.

With Headhunter in the core drop pool, players can't know how the price will change. If the sure way to acquire Headhunter decreases, then its value may change as a result. If there are fewer headhunters in the market, then its price will be pushed up.

To build a Headhunter, you need to be patient enough. To ensure the highest chance of getting a Headhunter from the core drop pool, you'd better use Currency to equip yourself. Currently, there are many online stores in the market such as RPGStash that offer POE Currency for sale. Players can Buy POE Currency from here, it will be the fastest way for you to quickly level up your character.