What does the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos do?

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In Lost Ark, upgrading classes and equipment is an important part of the game. Players are constantly exploring the game, doing quests to get various currencies and equipment, especially Lost Ark Gold, players upgrade almost to leave Gold,

In the game, many items dropped from monsters and boss monsters are essential to improving your gear. And how to get The Stone of Chaos as an item to upgrade equipment? Usually, we spend time doing quests to collect materials to improve equipment.

Lost Ark Stone of Chaos Guide

Stone of Chaos is an endgame material, one of the tertiary upgrade materials that have the potential to bring your gear up to the relic level. Players can find it in loot, or drop it from wild bosses early in the game. Once players get the Chaos Stone, it cannot be traded or sold in the game, it will be bound to your rooster.

To use Stone of Chaos, you need to have at least an item level of 1445. So far, nothing has surpassed the relic level of Lost Ark's gear. These can be found in the Covetous Wings of Caltan Legion Raid and Vykas Legion Raid to help equipment reach Relic rank.

How to get the Lost Ark Chaos Stone

Three ways to get it:

The first way is to find and eliminate the World Boss Thunderwings. Stone of Chaos is a rare drop from the boss, so you may need to battle the boss a few times before you get one.
The second way to obtain the Stone of Chaos is through the all-new Legion Raid Events. The boss monsters of the event have a chance of dropping one.
The last way is the easiest, but also the most expensive of all. You can always buy one from the vendors in the game, but it will cost you an arm and a leg, so be ready to pay up.

The specific details of RPGStash will be introduced in the next section. These three methods alone must be able to obtain the Stone of Chaos, to ensure that players get the Stone of Chaos, you should improve the character's skill level to ensure victory in every battle.

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