A Guide to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gambling

A Guide to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gambling

The rapid growth of Bitcoin has been nothing short of exceptional. There was very little publicity for this digital currency when it was launched less than ten years ago, but it’s subsequently become a genuine phenomenon. There is now widespread interest in Bitcoin, and it continues to go from strength to strBitcoin was almost worthless at the outset. In what is believed to have been the first “real-world” Bitcoin transaction, 10,000 units of the currency were used to purchase two pizzas. The value of this cryptocurrency has increased exponentially since then, and 10,000 units today are worth MILLIONS of dollars. Those who bought into the currency early made life-changing sums of money.

Although not yet considered a “mainstream” currency, it does have a number of practical uses. One of these is gambling. Bitcoin can be used for making deposits and withdrawals at many of the leading online gambling sites, and there are several advantages in doing so.

The problem is that a lot of online gamblers don’t really understand Bitcoin. We’ve recently been inundated with queries about using Bitcoin for online gambling, and many of these queries have come from people who know virtually nothing about this digital currency.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to Bitcoin and Bitcoin online casino malaysia. We’ve covered all the basics you need to know about this popular cryptocurrency, such as how it works and the technology behind it. We’ve also explained how to use it for your online betting and gaming. There’s plenty of additional information, too, including a look at Bitcoin investment and trading.

Full details of what’s in this guide can be found below. We’ve split the page into the following sections, making it easy to find anything specific that you might be looking for.

Recommended Bitcoin Gambling Sites


Of althe questions we get asked about Bitcoin, “Where can I gamble with Bitcoin?” is the one we hear most. So, it makes sense for us to start this guide by answering it.

The good news is that you have plenty of options for gambling online with Bitcoin. As the currency has grown in popularity among online gamblers, more and more gambling sites have decided to accept Bitcoin as a way of depositing funds. Most of them allow withdrawals using the cryptocurrency, too.

It’s important that you don’t use just ANY site, though. Some of the gambling sites that accept Bitcoin are genuinely high quality, but there are several that come nowhere near that standard. The following sites are our top picks at this moment in time.