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To decide what type of an essay has to be written on sexual harassment and to find a suitable essay idea

To decide what type of an essay has to be written on sexual harassment and to find a suitable essay idea, students must carryout some research to get a general knowledge on the subject. It is not a surprise that majority of people are clueless on the subject although this has been happening from time immemorial, yet victims are often weak and scared to protest and choose to bear in silence. What is Sexual Harassment? There are many definitions used for various purposes and on various contexts, especially when applied for different situations. Sexual harassment occurs at workplace, school or the campus, on the street or at home. Victims may be employees, students, relatives or complete strangers of the harasser. The type of harassment could be physical verbal or bodily gestures.

Harassment can be by a person of opposite sex or the same sex. Some forms of harassment can be legally punished with heavy fines, jail terms or both. There are special laws for the sexual harassment at the work place. Because of the many different views on the subjects it is easy to find good argumentative essay topics on the subject. Different aspects of Sexual Harassment that can serve as Topics Following are some aspects of sexual harassment that can serve as topics for sexual harassment essay.

• Definition of sexual harassment

• Legal aspects of sexual harassment

• Sexual harassment in workplace

• Sexual harassment by teachers

• Sexual harassment by family members or relatives

• Psychological aspects of sexual harassment

• History of sexual harassment

• Sexual harassment and sexual abuse

• Prevalence of sexual harassment in different societies and among different ethnic groups

• Social problems for the victim

Definitions of Sexual Harassment The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women includes many forms of verbal and, physical remarks, demand for sexual favors and showing pornography in the definition of sexual harassment. Though this covers only harassment of women by men, many countries have their laws covering the harassments of men by women as well as harassment by members of same sex.

In USA, EEOC defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature under some specified situations. It is a good idea to write an extended definition essay to explain different definitions and the situations where they are applicable. Essay Assistance for writing the Sexual Harassment Essay Due to the various complex issues and varied definitions, students also may become confused in writing the sexual harassment essay. The touchy nature of the subject may embarrass some students in discussing and gaining better ideas of how to write the essay. If you are facing such a dilemma, you can always get essay assistance from a good essay writing company so that a custom essay can be ordered from professional writers. Such assistance can help students understand how a high quality essay is written on the subject and at the same time, allow them to get a good grade.


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